Dehydrating food on PCT , USA

Maytal - Pacific Crest Trail, California (Echo Lake to Five Lakes)


Backpacking and preparing for a week on the PCT with my dad, dog and bro:

During the month of June, 2015, we did the section in CA that runs along the West side of Lake Tahoe. It was my first time spending a week on a trail with no stops through civilization, except for using bathrooms when we reached certain trailheads. It was an amazing trail to spend a week on. Not only are there lakes/streams every ~8 miles, but there are beautiful views, cool resting huts and nice flat places along the trail to pitch your tent.

Dehydrating Food:

I have to say, as much fun as it was to hike the actual trail, I also really enjoyed preparing and packing our food for the trip. I refused to eat oatmeal and Mountain House everyday of the trip so I borrowed a dehydrator from a friend. Dehydrating food not only allows for a tastier menu while backpacking but it also cuts cooking time on the trail as well as weight in our packs. Although it does take some time and effort to dehydrate, you'll realize on the trail that it is completely worth it.

Recommendations for Dehydrating Food:

-Great things to dehydrate: veggies, fruits, sauces and snacks.
-Meat (ground beef, shredded chicken, etc.) can also be dehydrated however I preferred to buy jerky, salmon from a bag, or just use beans/lentils/veggies for protein.
-A dehydrator comes with 3-4 trays so try to dehydrate multiple items at a time to be more efficient.
-Quickest method: fill the dehydrator up in the morning, turn it on and check back 4-6 hours later.
-My favorites to dehydrate: blueberries, pinepples, tomato sauce and hummus.
*If you only have time to dehydrate some of the food, you can buy a pack of already dehydrated veggies/lentils/beans from REI; they sell a pack of about 15 different veggies and such for around $50.

May your next adventure be as delicious and efficient as this one was!


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