No.1 most popular trek in the world

Niv - Annapurna , Nepal

First time on the #1 trek in the world:
It was a Sunday morning when the SUV came and took us to the starting point. The people in Nepal are welcoming and great, they love the tourists. There's is a deal that every trekker in Annapurna knows; if you buy dinner and breakfast at same place you don't have to pay for the night. That's a hell of a good deal!
We start walking and the trail only goes uphill, not so surprising for the #5 tallest mountain in the world. There are so many things to see that words can not even describe. The food, the vibe and the view are worth everything.
After a long day there are a bunch of guesthouses along the trail that serve warm food, which is all you need after a long day.
Don't carry on you too much. Tent and sleeping mat is unnecessary. A sleeping bag can be useful sometimes, but most places serve a blanket and pillow (Nepali quality).
Food is also found on the way so don't carry too much however I found that snacks and some emergency food can be very helpful!
Water filters can also be good.

Tilicho lake - highest lake in the world, located one day hike off the annapurna circuit

Until next time.

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